October 2019 Witness

Persecution is always Satan’s attempt to silence the truth. That great American hero, editor, schoolteacher, and Presbyterian minister Elijah Lovejoy left the pulpit in Alton, Illinois, and returned to the press in order to be sure his words reached more people. The Civil War might have been averted and a peaceful emancipation of slaves achieved had there been more people like him. After observing one lynching, Lovejoy was committed forever to fighting uncompromisingly the sin of slavery.

Mob action was brought against him time after time; neither this nor many threats and attempts on his life deterred him. Repeated destruction of his presses did not stop him. “If by compromise is meant that I should cease from my duty, I cannot make it. I fear God more that I fear man. Crush me if you will, but I shall die at my post…”

 And die he did, four days later, at the hands of another mob. Not one of the ruffians was prosecuted or indicted or punished in any way for his murder. Some of Lovejoy’s defenders were prosecuted! One of the mob assassins was later elected mayor of Alton!  

However, note this: Lovejoy’s convictions about slavery were never silenced, for one young man was around who was deeply moved by Lovejoy’s martyrdom. He had just been elected to the Illinois legislature. His name was Abraham Lincoln, and as our sixteenth President he would one day set the slaves free through The Emancipation Proclamation. The truth cannot be silenced! Therefore, do not fear those who would attempt to silence you!

September has been a good month with 359 in Bible Study. Speaking’ with My Deacon was well attended once again this year, and the ordination of Mark Smith to Deacon Ministry was an especially meaningful part of it. Our Preacher Swappin’, People Hoppin’ Revival with Antioch Baptist Church and FBC Thomaston was a great event this year. Both the physical food and the spiritual food that we enjoyed was wonderful! Our Buggy Days Homecoming Lunch was delicious, thanks to Tom Speziale and crew, and thanks to all those that served in the Photo Booth at Buggy Days! And our Student/Young Adult Building Fund ended the month of August at  $757,000!


October has some very special emphases:

HOPE NIGHT to benefit the ministry of Little Children of the World takes place on Saturday evening, September 28th at the Lamar Fine Arts Building. The Silent Auction begins at 5:30 with the concert following. Tickets are on sale for $15 and will be available at the door.

THE HOPE TREE MINISTRY CHICKEN Q that was postponed from Buggy Days weekend will take place on Saturday, October 5th, at the corner of Elm and Warsaw streets beginning at 1:00 P.M.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD KICK-OFF will be on Sunday evening, October 13th, beginning at 6:30 in our gym. Remember that CHRISTMAS BACKPACKS for lower income families in South Georgia are due back by October 20th.

THE SUMMIT is our new men’s ministry worship event that launches on Tuesday evening, October 15th. Tailgate begins at 6:00, with doors opening at 6:30 and, worship beginning at 7:00.

Our FALL FESTIVAL will take place on Sunday evening, October 27th, from 6:00 to 8:00 on our west side parking lot.


October is going to be a great month!   COME EXPECTANTLY!

I Love You, Garth