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MAY 2021

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The Mission Moves Forward | APRIL 2021 Witness

I last wrote to you at the beginning of February, and what a difference a couple of months can make.  In that column I wrote “And the virus is high.”  I’m really glad to be able to say that active cases in Georgia are less than a quarter of what they were two months ago!  And Lamar County is now at one active case per 1000 citizens.  As far as we know, there are no active COVID cases among our membership.  So much to be thankful for!

And there is more good news.  Our Sunday morning attendance continues to grow.  Brother Reed, our interim preacher, is giving us great spiritual food.  The church is financially stable, thanks to your faithfulness.  After a hiccup or two our live streams are not only back to their former quality, but we can now stream from either the sanctuary or the gym.  Enjoy!

As I type this, outside my window Jim Burnette and a handful of men are repairing the water service to the sanctuary, annex, and educational building.  Thank you for your patience, I know this has been inconvenient. By the time you read this the problem will be solved!

Though no one can see the future, I dare to hope that by fall we will be back to our regular full schedule.  But let’s not let down our guard; please continue to take precautions.  Although it is great to see people returning to church be sure you distance as best you can.  It is up to all of us to slow the spread and hasten the day when our lives can return to normal.

Be sure to read the columns from our Generations Following team and our Pulpit Search team.  Pray for these committees and let them know you appreciate their hard work.  I hope to see you Sunday!