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Sunday Small Groups are at 10a

New Vision (D-209)
Couples 40 to 60 study the Bible book-by-book learning how to take the principles of the Bible to enrich their lives while sharing life experiences and ministering to each   other. 


Friendship Class (A-201)
Women 50 and older study the Bible book-by-book looking at the background of God’s Word and how to live it out in their own lives every day.


Ruth Class (B-203)
Women 65 and older study the Bible book-by-book looking at the background of God’s Word and how to live it out in their own lives every day.


Encouragers (A-101)
Women 55 and older encouraged to master living in the Word, prayer, personal purity, witnessing, and other key disciplines of faith.


Berea Class (D-206)
Men 60 and older fellowship and have an in-depth Bible study with focus on how to live more like Christ in today’s world.


Fellowship Class (B-206)
Men 65 and older in a book-by-book Bible study searching for the understanding of God’s meaning in the Word and how to apply to daily life. 


Suppliers (D-202)
Couples 60 to 80 searching the background of the Bible in a book-by-book study and challenging themselves to live it out in their own life every day.


Bible Explorers  (D-205)
Couples 55 to 80 exploring the Bible with an in-depth book-by-book study of its background and framework and applying it to life today.


Martha Class (A-104)
Women 70 and older enjoying the book-by-book study of God’s Word while seeking a deeper walk in their spiritual life.


Mary Class (B-105)
Women 70 and older in a book-by-book study of the Bible that looks at why and how the Godly principles apply to our lives today.
Cultivate (Student & Young Adult Building)
Young adults 18 to 25 taking Bible passages and discovering how to live their life God’s way, and through doing so, become thriving human beings making Jesus famous in our community and world.


Soul Purpose Driven (B-201)
Coed class ages 26 to 40 using Master Works Bible study by various Christian authors to help them walk a deeper spiritual walk.


Family Ties (B-205)
Coed class ages 30 to 50 studying God’s Word to grow marriages and families that glorify God.


Breath of Life (D-205)
Coed class ages 45 to 60 using interactive studies by respected Christian authors and leaders to guide participants to a deeper spiritual insight and daily personal study.
Students- Grades 6- 12th (Student & Young Adult Bldg.)
Age graded small group classes for students middle through high school.

Preschool and Children’s Bible Small Groups

Babies to K-5 (C-100s) 
Grade 1 (C-202)
Grade 2 (C-208)
Grade 3-5 (C-207)
Babies to K-5 (C-100s) 
Grades 1-2 (C-208)
Grades 3-5 (C-207)