June 2020

These have been trying days for us all. We have experienced something that no one in a century has with COVID-19. Now, coming back from such a massive shutdown will need to take place slowly.


That shutdown started for us in late March. Without knowing what the future held, we entered PHASE ONE of live-stream services on March 29th. We have worked hard at improving on the live-stream process, while at the same time seeking to keep up with our people through various forms of social media aimed at different ministry groups from children to senior adults. We will continue to keep you informed through various postings to social media throughout this crisis.


Last Sunday, May 31st, we entered PHASE TWO of our comeback plan. Phase Two has given us the opportunity to come back to church in greater numbers. Since “Drive-In Services” can house family members in one vehicle and since those vehicles shelter those whose health is more fragile, we will pursue Drive-In Services for the Sundays of May 31st through June 14th.   They involve a lot of equipment set-up, and the parking/security team guides parking as vehicles enter and exit. The FM transmission did not work as well as we had hoped, but by the 11:00 Contemporary Service our amplification system had been adjusted and worked well.   Rain, of course, will shut us down as we cannot afford to get the electronic equipment wet, but we are posting the Sunday service online at 11:00 A.M. that we are presently recording on Thursday evenings.


PHASE THREE will be a “Soft Re-opening”  of our on-campus facilities that will begin on Father’s Day, June 21st. Because we will be indoors, social distancing measures will be both more demanding and more important. We will need more space available so we will follow the following Sunday morning schedule: The CLASSIC SERVICE will be at 9:00 A.M. in both the Sanctuary and the gym, with different bands/leadership at each location.  The CONTEMPORARY SERVICE will be at 11:00 in both the Sanctuary and the gym, with different bands in each location. The sermon will be live-streamed into the gym at 9:00 and 11:00.   Reservations for seating will be needed for all services and can be made through our website or by calling the church office.    


Our final phase, PHASE FOUR, will occur at a date not yet determined.  In that phase, we will resume on location all of the services, studies and activities that were a part of our church life before the COVID-19 Pandemic.   


Our MISSION TRIP to Cowley, Wyoming, scheduled for July 18th – 24th, is a “go” according to Water of Life Church Pastor Johannes Slabbert. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is also scheduled to happen virtually that same week of July 19th-23rd. Please pray for both of these evangelistic events.


You will also find in this month’s Witness information about our giving during this crisis. You continue to give most generously to both our budget and to our Generations Following Student/Young Adult Building Campaign. Though we are behind in our budget giving as would be expected, we are actually not more than about two weeks behind. In addition, we are very close to the $1,050,000 mark needed to break ground in our fund-raising campaign! That’s wonderful giving in the midst of a world-wide crisis!   


June is going to be an ANOTHER DIFFERENT month! We’ll begin it in “Drive-In” services and end it with a “Soft Reopening” of our church!

I Love You, Garth