February 2020 Witness

There was once a young man who sold books door to door.   He was crippled and walked with great difficulty. At one house where he stopped, the woman rudely turned him down. When he started to walk away, she saw his physical condition and called him back. “I didn’t know that you were crippled. I will buy one of your books.”


But the young man wasn’t selling sympathy, he was selling books and he let her know it. “But,” she said, “doesn’t being lame color your life?” The young man replied, “Yes, it does, but thank God that I am the one who chooses the colors.” We choose the colors of our lives, too.


It is a truism in life that we make our choices, then our choices make us. That is especially applicable when it comes to the series, I am presently preaching called THE BEATITUDES: HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. In the eight Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus shares the attitudes that are necessary for a truly happy life.


The word that Jesus used for “blessed” in the Beatitudes refers to happiness in its fullest sense. It is the Greek word makarios and the true meaning of the word can be seen in the way that the Greeks used it. They called the Island of Cyprus he makaria which means “The Happly Isle.” They did so because they believed that Cyprus was so beautiful, so rich in resources, and so fertile that it contained within itself everything necessary for perfect happiness.


And so the Beatitudes teach us that we have to find happiness within ourselves – within our own hearts and minds. But Jesus doesn’t leave us clueless when it comes to finding happiness. He shares with us eight spiritual attitudes that, if we appropriate them for our lives, will help us discover that happiness does not depend on our outward circumstances but on our inward character.   


January has been a good month with 374 in Bible Study. January also marked a change in our Sunday morning schedule.  We went from two Sunday Schools back to one, and from three worship services back to two. Our nine o’clock service, called our “Classic Service,” has really benefitted from this change. The fullness of the church house, along with the strong spirit of the service, has been inspiring to us all. Our “Contemporary Service,” now at 11:20, also continues to do well. And everyone tells me they enjoy us being back in one Sunday School!


February has some great events waiting for you: 

  • Our 24th ANNUAL BARNESVILLE GAME & FISH BANQUET is scheduled for Tuesday night, February 11th. Seminars will take place from 6:00 to 6:55, with the banquet beginning at 7:00 P.M. Our banquet speaker is legendary professional bass fisherman, Hank Parker. You want to bring your unchurched friends to hear Hank! Tickets are again $10 per person or a table of ten for $80. 
  • The UPWARD CELEBRATION is scheduled for Sunday night, February 23rd at 6:30 in our gym. Magician Joe Turner will be our featured speaker as we celebrate the players, cheerleaders, coaches and all who have helped us have another great Upward season!
  • THE CANOPY, a worship event for all women, will take place on Tuesday night, February 25th with doors opening at 6:30.  Thanks to Honey Teal and her helpers, this has become an inspiring, “must go” event for women in our community.


February is going to be a great month!   Come EXPECTANTLY! 

I Love You, Garth