Service Schedule Recommendation

Our Deacons authorized our pastor to put together a Service Schedule Team in our September 2019, Deacons’ Meeting.

This team was to study how we might best move back to one Sunday School from two. Their recommendation would first be brought back to the Deacons for their endorsement, which took place on Sunday evening, November 10th. On Sunday evening, December 1st, at our New Sunday Service Discussion Meeting, the recommended Sunday Morning Service Schedule was discussed and unanimously endorsed by those who attended. It will be presented to the church for their approval on Sunday, December 8th in three called church conferences, with the goal of implementing it on January 5, 2020.

Members of the Service Schedule Team:

Bruce Akins (11:00)
Aquila Coe (8:30)
George Garrison (8:30)
Charles Kinney (11:00)
Dee Kitchings (11:00)
Monte McCall (9:45)
Faye McIntosh (8:30)
Carrianna Simmons (9:45)
Heather Smith (9:45)
Josh Swatts (9:45)
Greg Burrell (Staff)
Russ Jenkins (Staff)
Jason Teal (Staff)
Jennifer Zeager (Staff)
Garth Forster (Pastor)

Here is the essence of what our Service Schedule Team discovered:

  • We no longer have the volunteers to staff two Sunday Schools, especially in the areas of preschool and children.
  • One Sunday School necessitates two worship services, one before and one after Sunday School.
  • The concept of simultaneous services would be difficult for us to manage and would involve staggering the two services in order to be workable.
  • Such staggering of services would demand that one group would have a 45-minute waiting time between the end of Sunday School and their worship service.
  • Every service needs to make some sacrifice in order to accomplish our goal.

Our Recommendation:

It is, therefore, the unanimous recommendation of the Service Schedule Team that our church adopts the following Sunday morning service schedule:

9:00 – 9:55: Classic Worship Service (Combining the Traditional & Blended Services)

10:10 – 11:05: Sunday School

11:20 – 12:15: Contemporary Worship Service

    Please note the following:

  • The two worship services and Sunday School will be 55 minutes each.
  • We will maintain our 15-minute transitional times between services & Sunday School.
  • We will need to pay childcare workers for our 9:00 worship service.
This new service schedule was voted on Sunday, December 8 during a called church conference in all three services, and it will begin on Sunday, January 5, 2020.